C BD or Cannabidiol in 2022: You will know everything! Definition, Use, Dosage, Different Forms

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c bd ou cannabidiol

What is cannabidiol ("C BD")?

cbd definition

Cannabidiol is one of hundreds of chemical compounds found in plants of the Cannabis genus. Also known by the acronym “C BD”, cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, a type of compound that interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

C BD” is used as a raw material for various products and medicines. In addition to the

flowers of “C BD” legal in France

C BD” oil, “C BD” e-liquid, “C BD” capsules, many are the products “C BD” available for sale.

After all, more and more studies indicate its benefits and virtues. Unlike THC, “C BD” has no psychotropic effects and is not addictive. Also called hemp well-being, the “C BD” has all the beneficial properties of cannabis, without the psychotropic effects. Consumed with a good dosage, cannabidiol does not create hallucinations, nor euphoria, nor high.

The benefits and virtues of "C BD".

bienfaits C BD

The “C BD” is a molecule that is used in alternative medicine. This molecule has a positive impact on human and animal health, and is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

The “C BD”, in the form of “C BD” oil, “C BD” flowers, “C BD” candies, “C BD” e-liquids, has many benefits. It has several properties. These include:

  • The

    anticonvulsant properties

    The “C BD” prevents epileptic seizures;
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: the “C BD” fights various inflammations;
  • Anxiolytic properties: “C BD” treats certain ailments related to stress and anxiety;
  • Antipsychotic properties: “C BD” has a sedative effect and acts in the prevention and treatment of psychosis;
  • Neuroprotective properties: “C BD” offers protection to brain and spinal cord cells.

What are the effects of the "C BD"?

effets C BD

Needless to say, cannabidiol is a substance whose effects remain very beneficial. Indeed, light cannabis helps to fight a large number of symptoms and diseases, by interacting with several functions of the body. Below are the main effects of “C BD” on our body:

Anticonvulsant effects

Among the benefits of “C BD” legal for sale, we find its anticonvulsant effects. Therefore, the “C BD”

epilepsy C BD

legal ability to prevent epileptic seizures and other types of convulsions.

Moreover, it is one of the fields that medical researchers are most passionate about. Patients who have consumed CBD show considerable signs of improvement without experiencing major side effects.

Neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects

It is a fact, cannabidiol has indisputable benefits, to the point that some use it as an adjunct treatment for certain neurological diseases.

C BD cerveau

The “C BD” reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Multiple sclerosis is another neurodegenerative disease for which “C BD” is a good alternative treatment. It is therefore clear that “C BD” has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties, thus protecting brain and spinal cord cells.

Anti-tumor effects

“C BD” and cancer, this combination is at the origin of several research and studies. And it must be said, the use of “C BD” as an alternative medicine has shown promise.

In fact, just the fact that the legal “C BD” helps to minimize the symptoms

C BD cancer

The use of this product to relieve the discomfort of cancer, such as pain and nausea, has already propelled it to the rank of natural treatments against this disease. Moreover, its energizing effects allow patients to have more strength to relieve the symptoms of this terrible disease.

Some studies even say that medical cannabis can also help reduce the growth of cancer cells, even accelerate their elimination and inhibit metastasis. However, results in this direction have only been obtained in animal models and cell cultures.

This possibility should be explored in human patients. In addition, “C BD”, in the form of oil, “C BD” flowers, “C BD” capsules, constitutes a potential alternative of choice in the natural treatment of cancer.

Antipsychotic effects

It is appropriate here to draw attention once again to the difference between recreational and medical use of cannabis. And by correlation, the difference between “C BD” and THC will be highlighted.

antipsychotic C BD

The habit of smoking marijuana to obtain its psychoactive effect is a known risk factor for producing psychotic episodes. On the other hand, raw cannabis products, containing THC, cause psychotropic and addictive effects.

Conversely, the use of cannabidiol-based products is another story. This compound has already demonstrated in scientific studies an antipsychotic action, and could be useful in the treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia.

Anxiolytic effects

The anxiolytic drugs traditionally prescribed by psychiatrists are not always effective. Indeed, they can lead to

anxiete C BD

dependence and very uncomfortable side effects.

Studies have shown that the use of cannabidiol in patients suffering from anxiety disorders can bring good results of improvement without the side effects of conventional drugs.

The undesirable or side effects of "C BD".
C BD effets secondaires

As previously stated, it is not common for patients to experience adverse effects with cannabidiol – this is one of the main positives of “C BD” derived products. When used responsibly and with the right dosage, “C BD” has no side effects. And in the cases where they do occur, they are usually mild.

Side effects may include a drop in blood pressure, drowsiness, dry mouth, and diarrhea at first. It should be added that, although the risk is very low, it is possible to be allergic to cannabis.

huile C BD
The oil of "C BD

The oil of “C BD”

is a product derived from cannabis, whose main component is cannabidiol.

The oil of “C BD” can be used for the production of capsules. However, the most popular marketing format is small vials for sublingual administration.

There are several types of “C BD” oils, depending on their composition and the presence of cannabinoids. In this case, they are divided into three groups:

1/ Isolated “C BD” oil or “C BD” oil with isolate

In the case of isolate “C BD” oils, cannabidiol is isolated from other cannabis compounds. Thus, this type of oil contains only “C BD” and free of any other molecule of cannabis. Therefore, pure isolate “C BD” oil is ideal for those who need to enjoy only the benefits of cannabis and therefore “C BD”.

2/ Full spectrum “C BD” oil

It is a less processed oil, which contains the wide range of chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. The full spectrum “C BD” oil contains in addition to cannabidiol other cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

CBN, CBG, THC less than 0.02%, several compounds enter the constitution of the oil of “C BD” full spectrum. Moreover, this kind of oil is popular with people who want to benefit from the molecules present in the hemp plant.

3/ Broad spectrum “C BD” oil

It is a less processed oil, which contains the wide range of chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. The full spectrum “C BD” oil contains in addition to cannabidiol other cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

CBN, CBG, THC less than 0.02%, several compounds enter the constitution of the oil of “C BD” full spectrum. Moreover, this kind of oil is popular with people who want to benefit from the molecules present in the hemp plant.

How to use "C BD" oil?
C BD huile

C BD” oil in drops

Sublingual inoculation consists of placing a few drops of “C BD” oil on the back of the tongue with a dropper.

This method of consumption has several advantages and is loved by hemp lovers. It allows the oil to penetrate directly into the large blood vessels at the back of the tongue, which improves the rate of absorption into the body.

Thus, the effects of the “C BD” are felt almost instantly, hence its interest. However, for those who do not like the taste of “C BD” oil, this method may not be optimal. Moreover, it would be better to turn to other consumption techniques in this case.

C BD” oil in our favorite dishes and drinks

C BD nourriture

Light cannabis oil can also be taken by mixing it with food or with a drink. You can put a few drops of “C BD” in your salads, on your pizza… Also, in the context of drinks, the oil of “C BD” can be put in your water bottles, your coffee, tea, smoothie…

However, with this method, the absorption rate is only 6-20%, which is not very high. Because the “C BD” passing through the digestive system with this method, part of it is degraded during digestion. It is best to start with a small amount and gradually increase consumption. Also, the effects of the “C BD” here take 30 minutes to 2 hours to be felt.


This is a method where the “C BD” oil is vaporized and smoked like a cigarette. Since “C BD” can be absorbed directly into the lungs, it would be more bioavailable and effective than other ingestion methods. However, it is necessary to prepare an e-cigarette and a special liquid.

How many drops of "C BD" oil to sleep?

It is a fact, the oil of “C BD” promotes sleep. It is a natural alternative to sleeping pills sold on the market. Nevertheless, is important to understand how many drops of oil “C BD” should be taken in the evening.

You can decide on dosages according to your needs and tolerance. However, there are some general recommendations that can help you determine how much “C BD” oil you need to sleep well.

For a person weighing 40 kg, it is recommended to take 20 mg per day, or 3 drops of “C BD” oil before sleeping. For people weighing 50 kg, 25 mg per day, i.e. 3 to 4 drops, will be useful to have a peaceful sleep. For people weighing 60 to 70 kg, a dose of 30/35 mg per day, i.e. 4 to 5 drops is recommended.

The flowers of "C BD
C BD fleurs

The flowers of “C BD” organic quality are plants that have a strong cannabinoid power. They are used to combat stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other psychological problems.

The flowers of “C BD”, also called hemp wellness, are naturally derived from the hemp plant. They are made from various strains and can be of indica or sativa type.

Premium legal cannabidiol flowers have high concentrations of cannabidiol and a minimal amount of THC. Thus, whether it is outdoor, indoor or greenhouse varieties, the flowers of “C BD” have no psychotropic effect and are not addictive. This is one of the reasons why flowers are bought everywhere in France.

It is estimated that “C BD” flowers account for up to 70% of the sales of “C BD” shops or online “C BD” stores, due to its benefits. Note that in France, the flowers of “C BD” are the subject of a great debate. They were banned for sale in January 2022, then reauthorized for sale in February.

Flowers legal for sale must contain no more than 0.2% THC. Also, they contain other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, terpenes and flavonoids. These give them their unique flavor and aroma.

How to use the "C BD" flower?

The flowers of “C BD” are very versatile. They are used and consumed in various ways. This plurality makes the “C BD” flower one of the most popular hemp products today. Here the most common methods of consumption of “C BD” flowers:


The flowers of “C BD” can be smoked. Smoking light cannabis flower remains a fairly popular way to get a serving of cannabinoids.

C BD joint

This is done with a pipe, bong or paper seal. Nevertheless, this method is not recommended because of the combustion and the danger to the lungs.

Also, when you smoke the “C BD” flower, you don’t actually get all the cannabinoids and terpenes that are in the plant. Most of them remain in the ashes. Therefore, it is appropriate to turn to vaping or other methods of consumption.


Vaping is the best way to enjoy all the benefits that the “C BD” flower offers.

C BD vapote

There are several techniques for vaping light cannabis flowers. Each method differs from the other depending on the vaporizer used, but generally the effects are virtually the same.

The key to vaping “C BD” flowers is to find the optimal temperature setting. In general, flowers vaporize best between 160°C – 240°C, while “C BD” concentrates like “C BD” resin can be vaporized at lower temperatures (between 140 and 170).

The “C BD” infusion

Cannabis flowers remain a delicious ingredient to use in infusions.

C BD infusion

These have a unique flavor and aroma that can be enhanced by the addition of other ingredients. Used in the form of a tea, the flowers of “C BD” provide the same benefits as for the raw flowers.

Cooking with the “C BD” flower

The best way to cook with hemp is to use an oil or butter that has been infused with the plant.

C BD cookies

This way, you can add it directly to your dishes without having to worry about burning the “C BD”. Here’s how to do it:

1) Add 10 to 15 g of ground “C BD” buds to a small saucepan and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil or butter, as you prefer.

2) Heat over low heat until all ingredients are melted together

3) Let this mixture cool down a bit before straining the buds from their liquid form using a cheesecloth or another kind of sieve.

You can use this mixture to make “C BD” cakes, cookies, “C BD” dressings for your salads…

The resin of "C BD
résine de CBD hash de CBD légal

The resin of “C BD” is a unique product that seduces a large number of fans of light cannabis. Indeed, the one that is nicknamed legal hashish is ideal for people who want to experience the powerful benefits of cannabidiol.

As with “C BD” oil, “C BD” flower or “C BD” e-liquid, the quality “C BD” resin is made from organically grown hemp and certified seeds. With a pasty appearance and a color ranging from dark brown to amber, “C BD” resin is considered a high “C BD” product.

However, according to the law, the resin of “C BD” contains 0,2% of THC. Like all “C BD” products, they are made from hemp. This guarantees a THC level of less than 0.2%, and a particularly high level of “C BD” and other legal cannabinoids.

How to consume the resin of "C BD"?

Several questions arise when it comes to the consumption of “C BD” resin. Indeed, with the countless methods of taking this concentrated cannabis, it can be difficult to choose an optimal technique.

Resin of “C BD” and kitchen

The resin easily integrates the culinary preparations. Used as an ingredient, it offers the possibility of preparing delicious recipes based on light cannabis. “C BD” cakes, “C BD” cookies, there are countless ways to exploit the nooks and crannies of the resin.

C BD resine gateau
The e-liquid with "C BD".

Among the vape liquids available on the market today, there are also those that contain “C BD”. It is a popular alternative for tobacco or hemp smokers who want to quit.

C BD e-liquide

The e-liquid with “C BD” helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. Stress and anxiety are some of the main reasons why people decide to smoke cigarettes in the first place. Smoking has been associated with many health problems. These include high blood pressure, heart disease and even lung cancer.

It is obvious that most people want to quit smoking as soon as they realize that their habit is causing them so much harm. If you have decided to stop smoking, the “C BD”, in the form of flowers and e-liquid can help you.

Typically, e-cigarette liquids contain various concentrations of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and water. A few drops of flavoring, liquid nicotine and / or “C BD” can be added to these ingredients.

The "C BD" in external use: cream of "C BD", ointment with "C DB
pommade C BD

In addition to the “C BD” oil to be administered sublingually, there are several products for external use, which are applied directly to the skin. These include “C BD” oil for cosmetic use, ointments, creams with “C BD”, lotions with “C BD”…

The creams and ointments with “C BD” also have a powerful analgesic effect. These “C BD” products are often used to relieve chronic pain, fibromyalgia among others.

“C BD” and pain

Pain reduction is a recurring goal for patients with chronic pain. However, the current state of knowledge and treatment on the subject represents a challenge for health professionals.

Thus, it is necessary to obtain complete information on the different therapeutic means

douleurs C BD

available and the possible side effects, in order to choose the most effective and safe treatment.

The “C BD” is a substance that has neuroprotective (against cerebral oxidation) and neurotonic (against contractile manifestations) properties. It works by improving brain activity and inhibiting the response to stimuli that are harmful to the body. It is therefore an ideal therapeutic tool to prevent pain in patients suffering from pain.


Patients with fibromyalgia live with pain that is often disabling and impacts their lives

Fibromyalgie C BD

social and professional. Many have seen significant improvement in their symptoms with the use of “C BD” products, which significantly improves their quality of life.

An Israeli study Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Fibromyalgia, published in 2019 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, showed the results of following 367 fibromyalgia patients who underwent cannabis treatment for six months. The researchers concluded that medical cannabis is effective and safe when administered calmly and gradually:

“Given the low rates of dependence and serious adverse effects (especially compared with opioids), cannabis therapy should be considered to alleviate symptom burden in patients with fibromyalgia who do not respond to conventional treatment.”

“C BD” and acne

In recent years, “C BD” has received increased scientific interest due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-anxiety and neuroprotective effects.

C BD cosmetique

In addition to its medicinal applications, “C BD” is considered an effective natural remedy for acne symptoms including inflammation, redness and pain.

Therefore, “C BD” cosmetics have long been used as a topical treatment for many skin conditions. And the most useful “C BD” product to fight acne is the “C BD” cream.

It should be noted that the “C BD” cream has no side effects, at least no cases have been reported so far. This makes it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Plus, the cosmetic product with “C BD” is optimal for those who suffer from skin problems like eczema.

The “C BD” cream works on all skin types and all ages. In other words, you can use it safely without worrying about any side effects or allergic reactions.

On the other hand, the light cannabis cream helps to fight against acne, especially by stopping the inflammation of the skin. In fact, inflammation is one of the main causes of acne breakouts. It causes redness, swelling and irritation on the skin. This makes it more vulnerable to bacteria and causes more damage.

When you use a topical cream containing “C BD” on your skin, it prevents inflammation from occurring. It also reduces sebum production. People with acne often have oily skin due to the overproduction of sebum. The cream of “C BD” says stop to this overproduction, thus putting an end to the problems related to the acne in the face, the buttocks…

Other "C BD" products

In addition to oil and capsules, “C BD” can be presented in other forms. We note, among others, the candies with “C BD”, the Moonrocks among others. These cannabidiol products differ in their effects, depending on their concentration and percentage in “C BD”.

Produits comestibles bonbons CBD Toulouse
How does cannabidiol work in the body?

Cannabidiol, as well as other cannabinoids found in cannabis, interact with the endocannabinoid system of the human body. Science still ignores many aspects of this system, but the “C BD” is considered a possible protector of our body.

C BD action

It is also understood that the compound acts by increasing or inhibiting the binding to certain G protein coupled receptors. This is a formulation that, in some contexts, may decrease certain symptoms or assist in the cooling of certain diseases.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is a neuromodulatory system found throughout the human body. It plays an important role in the development of the central nervous system, synaptic plasticity and the response to endogenous and environmental insults.

The ECS is composed of cannabinoids, endogenous cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) and enzymes of synthesis and degradation.

The function of the endocannabinoid system in the human body is complex, but in summary we can say that it acts to regulate and balance a number of physiological processes in the body – which is why cannabidiol is useful in so many treatments.

endocannabinoïde C BD

Effects of CB1 and CB2 in the human body

Cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are key to understanding the action of the endocannabinoid system.

They are present in many cell types throughout the body and help regulate various physiological conditions. To give you an idea of the complexity of the endocannabinoid system, these receptors are found in cells of other systems: CB1 is most abundant in the nervous system and CB2 in the immune system.

Although these receptors are important and have an impact on several functions, it is now known that cannabinoids interact with other elements of the endocannabinoid system. Scientists have observed, for example, that cannabidiol itself has a low affinity for these receptors, which does not prevent it from being a chemical compound with a powerful medicinal effect.

What are the advantages of the "C BD" for animals companies

The “C BD” is known to have a variety of benefits for pets. In this sense, the use of “C BD” oil for your dog or cat has many positive effects. It remains an all-natural supplement that offers many health benefits for your pet. Among them:

Stress reduction

C BD” has been shown to reduce stress in many different ways. It can help your pet feel more relaxed, calm and sleep better. He may also become less anxious, which can make him more comfortable with people and other animals.

C BD animaux

Helps to fight against anxiety and depression

Many dogs suffer from anxiety or depression as they age. These disorders are very common in dogs, but they can also affect cats, horses and other animals, even humans. C BD has been shown to help reduce both types of anxiety in dogs.

Pain reduction

C BD” is known for its ability to reduce pain caused by inflammation and inflammation-related conditions.

C BD chien douleur

It can also help relieve arthritic pain caused by osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia, as well as other joint pain problems such as hip dysplasia in dogs.


The “C BD”, extracted after a long process from the hemp plant, is a 100% natural substance and can be used safely. It is obviously better not to buy products whose origin and processing are unknown. 

In our C BD store, you have the possibility to find certified, safe and quality “C BD” products. With our wide selection of “C BD” flowers, “C BD” oils, “C BD” resin…, you can  take full advantage of the beneficial effects of cannabidiol.