Is CBD an aphrodisiac? A relevant oil for the libido!

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cbd, un aphrodisiaque malgré lui?

CBD as a natural aphrodisiac: why and how?

Today, the stress of daily life, overexposure to screens and junk food can cause a significant decrease in a person’s desire for sex. If a couple’s sexual relations can, therefore, be disturbed on an occasional basis, they can also last over time and become a real problem. Indeed, if a couple does not hold together only by sex, its absence can, in the long run, be a cause of separation. Maintaining your libido is therefore essential!

To remedy this lack, several alternatives can help. From a relationship standpoint, couple’s therapy can help in understanding this problem, but in the case of physical ailments such as anxiety, it may not be enough. This is where drugs (Viagra) and other aphrodisiac treatments come in. Among the natural alternatives, ginger is often cited as a powerful aphrodisiac. If some urban legends have the hard life, in reality, it is its vasodilator properties that facilitate the blood flow necessary for a quality erection. In case of male motor problems, this alternative can therefore help but it is not an aphrodisiac in the true sense of the word. Especially for women! On the other hand, a plant with little-known benefits on this subject is starting to make some noise: cannabis.

Long stigmatized because of its psychotropic effects, cannabis has been used since the dawn of time by indigenous populations. Its medicinal virtues are still poorly understood by the West because of its bad reputation (drug, THC). However, cannabis, and more particularly CBD (Cannabidiol) has, according to many opinions, real benefits on the body. Found in several forms such as flowers (weed), oil or balms, today


(hash), oil or balms, today, CBD is everywhere. Known to calm stress, can CBD be a natural alternative to chemical aphrodisiacs? How can CBD treat a libido problem at its root (craving) rather than in its form (erection)?

CBD as an aphrodisiac: Female vs.

A lack of libido can come directly from the partner: argument, infidelity. But not only! In fact, a lack of sexual desire, punctual or lasting, can also have other causes, independent of the couple’s life and much more complicated to solve:

  • mental: stress, anxiety, worry, negative thoughts.
  • emotional: mood disorder, depression, anxiety, traumatic memory, lack of respect, self-confidence…

Male Libido

In men, stress is the most common factor when it comes to loss of libido. In order to regain arousal and thus, a fulfilled sexuality, it is important to take care of it. To do this, there are several alternatives:

  • chemicals: drugs
  • therapeutics
  • natural: food supplements (capsules), CBD

Beware, if anxiety and stress are important factors, diet, alcohol and sleep are also to be taken into account in case of decreased libido:

  • Eat healthy, stimulating foods such as ginger (circulation and blood pressure)
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. Indeed, if a punctual and moderate consumption of alcohol is rather aphrodisiac (increase of the production of sexual hormones), an excessive consumption will have harmful effects on the erection. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which causes a decrease in blood volume and an increase in a hormone associated with erectile dysfunction.
  • Sleep well: a good night’s sleep contributes to a healthy lifestyle

A man’s sexual desires are a fluctuating variable over time. There is no standard, strictly speaking, of the libido. The latter is specific to each individual and each person may experience more or less sexual desire throughout his or her life. Therefore, it is useless to compare one’s sex life with that of the neighbor to know if one has a “normal” libido. We therefore speak of a lack of libido if it is down compared to the habits of the individual in question and not with respect to a standard that does not exist.

Libido Woman

As for men, the libido of a woman can be hindered by stress and a poor lifestyle (diet, sleep, …). It will therefore be useful to apply the same advice as for men.

Although the decrease in sexual desire is less visible in women (no erection is involved), it is no less worrying. If lubricants allow to compensate physically this lack of desire, psychically it is much more complex. In fact, women would even have a tendency to see their sexuality as much more fluctuating during their life because it is particularly linked to their emotional life.

Indeed, if the stress of daily life impacts men as well as women, the latter are much more morally impacted by their physique:

  • the dictate of thinness,
  • pregnancies,
  • menopause,
  • stretch marks
  • and other complexes

If there is no direct causal link between “feeling fat” and “lack of desire”, there is however a correlation: the drop in morale and a lack of self-esteem. This can result in a significant decrease in libido.

Is CBD an aphrodisiac?

The impact of CBD hemp on sexuality is not direct. Indeed, CBD acts mainly on the factors responsible for a failing libido and in particular :

  • stress, anxiety
  • food, appetite
  • Fatigue

All these parameters play as much on the body as on the mind. They then have an annoying tendency to inhibit sexual desires. It is therefore by acting directly on these factors that CBD can awaken a sleeping libido.

By playing on the different forms in which CBD is found, it also allows for more fulfilling intimate relationships.

All without the psychotropic THC and with natural products.

CBD against stress and anxiety

To improve your libido, it’s best to be in good spirits. It seems obvious that if the mind is cluttered with anxiety-provoking thoughts that paralyze general motivation, the body cannot feel excitement.

This is where CBD comes in. Indeed, today, it is no longer proven that Cannabidiol has real effects on health by acting on body homeostasis. Indeed, CBD plays indirectly on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by regulating cortisol (stress hormone) and promoting serotonin and anandamide (hormones “of happiness”). Therefore, it improves the general well-being by providing a good relaxation of the body and mind.

The consumption of CBD is therefore conducive to sexual thoughts since it helps to relax.

CBD relieves inflammatory pain

Among the reasons that induce a lack of sexual desire, there is of course: pain.

It can be of two kinds:

      • physical, independent of sex (headaches, osteoarthritis, etc.): the simple sensation of being in pain makes you think of something other than sex!
      • Psychological, related to sex (endometriosis, inflammation of the vagina or penis, etc…): the anticipation of pain can cause more stress. The fear of being in pain then becomes a real brake on the libido.

If we assume that the decrease in libido is induced by certain pains, taking a painkiller could boost sexuality. In addition to medications, natural alternatives to fight small inflammations exist. This is particularly the case with CBD.

For example, a 2016 study in the European Journal of Pain (1) used rats with arthritis following an injection of adjuvants. A CBD topical gel is applied to them to evaluate the action of CBD. Following these tests, a significant decrease in inflammation and pain symptoms was observed. Moreover, no major side effects are noticeable on health.

By calming inflammation, CBD soothes pain, facilitates relaxation and therefore, promotes libido. CQFD, cannabidiol will put you in love mode!

To take it a step further, a CBD cream (suitable for vaginal application) or CBD oil can be massaged either directly onto the vagina, which provides additional lubrication, or onto the penis. Engaging in a little naughty play while providing some soothing are excellent foreplay for sex.

CBD promotes blood circulation

Among sex-related disorders, erectile dysfunction is at the top of the list of male concerns. If mechanically the sexual act can be disturbed, it is essentially psychologically that the libido is affected. As with vaginal pain, a man may be apprehensive about a sexual act because he is afraid of not being able to perform. Anxiety sets in and sexual desire decreases and sometimes even disappears.

Known to promote blood circulation like a vasodilator, CBD can be very useful to motivate the troops! In local application with naughty intimate massages of CBD oil to help the stimulation or consumed in a more conventional way (vape, ingestion, etc. …), CBD becomes a real natural aphrodisiac product!

Note that CBD does not act directly on the penis but on the whole body. It allows to unblock the body where it is stuck!

CBD for a restful night

Lack of sleep or restless sleep are factors that aggravate the loss of libido. Getting a good night’s sleep is one way to remedy this shortcoming.

CBD has no affinity for endocannabinoid receptors. On the other hand, it has an action on the enzyme (FAAH) responsible for the regulation of anandamide (commonly called “happiness hormone”). This results in a high production of this beneficial substance. This release leads to a relaxation of the body and mind.

A person who is stressed or affected by minor pain, but enough to prevent him from sleeping well, can, by consuming a CBD product such as a CBD oil of organic quality, take advantage of the benefits of this cannabinoid to fall asleep. After a good night’s sleep, sexual thoughts may be THE reason for not sleeping.

Which CBD is an aphrodisiac?

As each individual is different, the consumption of a CBD product will not have the same effects from one person to another for the same concentration. In the same way, the form of CBD products that is ideal for some will not be ideal for others.

Today, with the explosion of the CBD market, more and more products are emerging. If, as we have seen above, no product is better than another, there are however sure values and, in particular, for CBD with aphrodisiac properties!

The CBD Flower aphrodisiac

Today, the varieties of hemp flowers present on the market are very concentrated in CBD (Moonrock, Icerock, etc..). CBD and other cannabinoids (except THC prohibited in France) naturally present in cannabis allow

an entourage effect

. The latter increases tenfold the anti-stress and anti-pain benefits of CBD. Moreover, a CBD cannabis flower contains a flavonoid with sedative properties, Beta-myrcene (2). The consumption of these varieties of plants is then quite relevant to help to fall asleep.

In infusion, in a vaporizer, smoked or eaten, the different varieties of CBD flowers with their unique bewitching smells are perfect to increase the pleasure of the senses tenfold!

CBD resin for a sweet moment

Everything that has been said about CBD flowers is valid for hemp resin. Only the taste changes!

The aphrodisiac CBD e-liquid

Vaporizing a quality CBD e-liquid allows a rapid bioavailability of cannabidiol in the body. In terms of relaxation, it does its job! However, unlike CBD flowers or hemp oil, this product does not contain other cannabis molecules. Therefore, there is no entourage effect. The “love” action of a CBD e-liquid will therefore be present but less spectacular than with other more complete products.

The CBD oil aphrodisiac

Cannabis CBD oil

cannabis oil is found in different concentrations of CBD (5, 10, 20%, ..). As for a CBD flower, it has the advantage of being consumed according to individual preferences

  • sublingual, inhalation, infusion, capsules, skin application

The best hemp oil by far is fullspectrum organic CBD oil. This characteristic allows the effect of entourage since all the molecules naturally present in the cannabis, except the THC, are present (CBDa, CBN, CBG, beta-myrcene,?). Easy to dose, CBD oil appears as the most obvious natural alternative to: sleeping pills, anxiolytics and painkillers.

Its possible cutaneous application on the glans or the vagina confers additional assets of a sexual point of view. Indeed, a massage of the erogenous zones makes it possible to multiply tenfold the pleasure and the relaxation related to the natural benefits of CBD. The excitement of each partner will then be over-stimulated and the sexual act will be even better!

To conclude…

CBD is an excellent alternative for relieving certain disorders such as pain, inflammation, sleep and stress. Thus, it allows to find a sexual appetence naturally. In case of low libido, applying an organic full spectrum CBD oil on the sexual organs, consuming a hemp flower, taking CBD oil capsules or vaping a CBD e-liquid can be precious aids to regain the pleasure of the senses and therefore, a fulfilled sexual life.

If the problems in your personal relationships persist and worry you, advice from a health care professional may be reasonable.

FAQ: CBD and libido

Le CBD est une molécule 100% naturelle extraite du chanvre qui permet de diminuer drastiquement le stress. Or, il est bien connu qu'aujourd'hui, le stress est un facteur non négligeable dans le manque de libido. Pour cette raison, l'utilisation de cannabidiol (CBD) comme aphrodisiaque apparaît comme pertinente.

Les cannabinoïdes tels que le THC et le CBD sont des molécules naturellement présentes dans le cannabis. Elles sont responsables d'un changement de l'activité cérébrale de façon directe ou indirecte. Il en résulte un changement de l'humeur, du comportement et / ou des perceptions. De ce fait, les cannabinoïdes peuvent être d'un grand secours en cas de stress prononcé, d'anxiété, de douleurs chroniques ou d'insomnies. Autant de paramètres qui peuvent influer sur une vie sexuelle épanouie.

Contrairement au THC, le CBD n'engendre pas d'effets psychotropes. Il ne fait pas planer et n'est pas neurotoxique.

Le CBD n'intègre pas la longue liste des substances stupéfiantes de l'arrêté du 22 février 1990, telles que le THC. Cette molécule n'est pas considérée comme dangereuse pour la santé.

Dans certains cas, des effets secondaires tels que une sécheresse buccale et une sensation de somnolence peuvent être ressentis. Dans de très rares cas et de façon temporaire, d'autres effets sont décrits : 

  • troubles digestifs
  • diminution ou augmentation de l'appétit
  • maux de tête
  • nausées

Afin d'éviter toutes interactions médicamenteuses, pour un patient en cours de traitement médical, il est conseillé de demandé l'avis de son médecin traitant avant de consommer du CBD.

Parmi les médicaments pouvant voir leurs effets perturbés par du CBD, on pointe essentiellement les anti dépresseurs. Cependant, certains antalgiques, sédatifs et contraceptifs oraux peuvent être concernés. Avant toute auto médication, il peut donc être nécessaire de consulter un avis médical.

Le CBD possède des propriétés relaxantes et antalgiques. De ce fait, il peut intervenir positivement sur le sommeil surtout si ce dernier est perturbé par une douleur et/ou de l'anxiété.

Le cannabidiol (CBD) n'est pas un somnifère naturel en tant que tel mais, il participe activement à un meilleur endormissement.


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