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    CBD rate: 25.8%
    THC content : less than 0.2%
    Aromas : gourmet and fresh
    Color : Dark green slightly orange
    Effect : relaxing with a slight cerebral high
    Type : indica
    Culture : greenhouse
    Genetic origin : hybrid, genetics from Barney's farm
    Premium CBD hemp flower grown in Switzerland
    Flowers carefully manicured by hand
    Laboratory tested for purity and compliance

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      If you've never heard of the Biscotti cannabis strain, it's time to catch up. Indeed, the Biscotti flower will delight your taste buds while bringing you relaxation and relaxation. A real delicacy with tested and approved benefits to discover urgently !!  

    The Origins of Biscotti CBD 

    The origins of the Biscotti Mintz are uncertain. The Seeds Barney's Farm (seed bank) of this cannabis strain with a growing reputation would come from a cross between a Gelato, a Girl Scout Cookies and a Gorilla Glue or, a Gelato with a South Florida OG. Anyway, it has a genetics belonging to the Cookie family with organoleptic profile and effects worthy of a super Indica.  

    Its name, taken from the Italian "biscuit", perfectly describes the taste, smell and all the sensations of well-being that this cannabis produces, a true Mintz phenotype carefully selected. This pure delicacy could not remain only to joint smokers, a diverted version of the seeds of this famous variety of Barney's farm quickly emerged to meet the demands of the CBD market: the Biscotti CBD was then born!  

     Method of cultivation 

    As its name suggests, the Biscotti CBD greenhouse is grown in greenhouses (in English, green house), that is, in open ground but with more or less controlled growth and flowering parameters. Generally, this cultivation is done from feminized seeds (there are very few auto seeds of CBD cannabis).  

    This method of cultivation is very relevant for such a variety, because the seeds of Bicotti Mintz from Barney's farm need a rich supply of nutrients and a mild climate to ensure good growth and prolific flowering. The greenhouse mode therefore appears to be the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor, since it allows biscotti's foot to develop without space restriction while being protected from temperature variations and pests. In green house, the seasonality of the plant will have to be respected (unlike the indoor mode, indoor) but, thanks to the greenhouse effect, this parameter is still relaxed.  

    A Biscotti CBD greenhouse cannabis plant has a rapid growth rate, medium size  (about 150cm), classic flowering time (8-9 weeks) and a rather generous harvest (600g / plant).  


      CBD cannabis hybrids (cannabidiol) are obtained from seeds of sativa and indica plants, so it is impossible to have a 100% sativa or 100% indica product. This is called a "dominant strain" even though the sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects are less pronounced in CBD cannabis (without THC) than in the original cannabis (with THC). The morphology of the Biscotti Mintz leaves no doubt as to its dominance. Indeed, only a few weeks after the beginning of its growth, it stands like a compact and strong shrub, with thick stems and very close internodes. An indica phenotype worthy of the name! Its genotype, even uncertain, confirms its appearance: Biscotti CBD is predominantly indica (80%). 

    The levels of its active substances

      With a very high thc content (above 25%), the original Biscotti Mintz produces powerful sensations, both from a cerebral and bodily point of view. Its dominant indica gives it a particularly interesting place in the list of cannabis strains for medical use because it is likely to relieve some chronic pain, lower the effects of stress and anxiety, and deeply relax the muscles. 

    Despite its almost zero THC concentration (< 0.2%), Biscotti CBD is not to be outdone as to its original version. Its high and energizing action and its extraordinary organoleptic profile are very popular with users of legal cannabis for recreational purposes, but not only...! Indeed, there are many opinions highlighting its so-called "therapeutic" qualities: helps fight against chronic fatigue, stimulates appetite, relieves muscle and joint pain, lowers anxiety, etc ... She therefore appears as a real "queen" of relaxation on all floors!  

    Flavours and aromas 

    It is in this area (olfactory and gustatory) that cannabis Biscotti CBD stands out among all other varieties of hemp. If from the first puffs (joint), vapes (cbd liquid), vaporizations (CBD oil or flower) or other absorption techniques (herbal tea, cooking, etc.), a particularly gourmet sweet aroma is felt, reminiscent of delicious pastries, notes of fresh mint and spices complicate this product. Its flavors are captivating and sublimate the energizing and relaxing effects of its fragrant heads. 

    Our flowers of Biscotti CBD greenhouse 

    Our flowers from Biscotti CBD from feminized seeds (no auto seeds for this variety) are very dense and crumbly. Their dark green is reminiscent of fir trees to which is added the orange and purplish shades of its many pistils. 

    The Biscotti CBD variety is naturally rich in cannabidiol but our beuh buds are slightly boosted so that our product has an explosive CBD content (25.8%) to the delight of consumers.  

    In order to make your own opinion on the magical organoleptic qualities (flavor, aroma) of this herb, it will inevitably be necessary to test it. Impossible that you are not instantly conquered!  

    All our Biscotti CBD flowers are perfectly legal. They have an almost zero concentration of THC (< 0.2%) in order to comply with the legislation of the European countries in force.  

     Consumption mode 

    If opinions differ on one type of preferential absorption rather than another, our products can be consumed according to the taste and desire of each: 

    • vaporization: the optimal extraction of CBD is done at 180 ° C and that of terpenes begins at 155 ° C, in order to make the most of the organoleptic qualities and the potential of action of our hemp plants, opt for a heating temperature of around 170 ° C. 
    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble in a liquid, the addition of a cloud of milk (fat) may be relevant. 
    • cuisine: space-cake, Marrakech butter, in sauce, ...  
    • potpourri: even if a Biscotti flower is extremely fragrant, admit that it would still be a shame for such a product to end up in a bowl on a chest of drawers!  

    The little extras of our shop...

    We are also particularly interested in our customers, our Biscotti CBD cannabis buds are sold in opaque and airtight pouches. Thus, their organoleptic (taste and smell) and molecular properties related to the presence of cannabidiol (CBD) are perfectly preserved.  

    We also offer a whole list of CBD products ranging from Haze type flowers (Amnesia Haze, Strawberry Haze, ...), Kush (Banana kush, Hindu Kush, Candy Kush,...), Skunk (Lemon Skunk) and other more original varieties (Gelato, Zkittlez, ...) offered with different options (outdoor, indoor and greenhouse), through fullspectrum CBD oils, premium quality hash, moon rock and other cannabis delicacies.  

    In addition to the attractive quality / price ratio of our products, our online shop, Bistrot CBD, offers a discreet and fast delivery service throughout France.  

    Do not hesitate to consult our products, visit our blog, ask for any additional information (delivery, promotion, etc.) and leave a review of your sensory experience after your purchase.