Hindu Kush CBD Greenhouse 20.5% Bistrot CBD - 1
  • Hindu Kush CBD Greenhouse 20.5% Bistrot CBD - 1
Hindu Kush CBD Greenhouse 20.5% Bistrot CBD - 1

Hindu Kush CBD Greenhouse 20.5%

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    Dominant Indica PRofondément Relaxant
    20.5% total CBD
    Premium CBD hemp flower grown in Switzerland
    Flowers carefully manicured by hand
    Culture Greenhouse
    Laboratory tested for purity and compliance
    < 0.2% THC: Complies with European Decree No. 639-2014 and European Regulation No. 1307/2013
    Aromas sandalwood and lemon
    Genetic Origin: Hybrid
    High-end, greenhouse cultivation

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    All "cannabinophiles" will tell you, the terms Kush, Haze or Skunk are commonly used qualifiers to name a variety of cannabis. If today many hybrid plants carry these qualifiers characteristic of their genetics, initially, they were essentially used to define the geographical origin of the cannabis plant. This is particularly the case of the Hindu Kush, a Landrace (pure lineage) that came straight from the mountains that separate Afghanistan from Pakistan. Highly appreciated for its organoleptic properties (taste and smell) particularly tenacious and pungent, its large resin production and its high effects, this variety of hemp is mainly grown for the manufacture of hashich (Charas and Afghan).

    The Origins of the Hindu Kush

    Originally, Kush-type cannabis strains took their names from the mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan that extends to India (the Hindu Kush mountain range). In this region, hemp grows naturally on the mountainside, its phenotype is then perfectly adapted to rather extreme climatic conditions.

    The Hindu Kush cannabis plants initially selected by the seed bank, "Sacred Seeds", at the end of the 70s for its excellent production of hashish (resin), allowed this variety to make itself known to the general public through the sale of seeds (regular seeds type, feminized but also seeds auto recently) via sites like "Sensi Seeds", and thus be consumed otherwise than in the form of shit. The success was not long in coming, the Hindu Kush immediately found its fans, won many awards at the Cannabis Cup over the years and gave birth to many highly prized hybrids such as: Skunk Kush and Hindu Kush CBD.

    Method of cultivation

    As its name suggests, the Hindu Kush greenhouse is grown in greenhouses, that is, in open ground but with more or less controlled environmental parameters and, generally, from feminized seeds (there are very few auto seeds of CBD cannabis varieties and a regular seed could give a male plant).
    As originally the Hindu Kush is adapted to extreme climates (cold and windy), this type of controlled crop has allowed its export and exploitation in more temperate regions. With the possibility for plants to grow without restriction of space (outdoor, outdoor) while benefiting from the environmental parameters specific to a variety (indoor, indoor), greenhouse cultivation makes it possible in all respects to optimize the quantity (yield) and the quality of flowering. Greenhouse cultivation is the perfect balance between indoor (indoor) and outdoor (outdoor) crops. If the seasonality of the plant (from feminized seed to flowering) will still have to be respected in greenhouse culture, thanks to the greenhouse effect, this parameter is relaxed.

    The cannabis strain Hindu Kush CBD greenhouse is small in size (height of 100 – 150cm), has a short flowering time (about 9 weeks), medium growth rate and medium harvest (450g / plant).


    CBD cannabis hybrids (cannabidiol) are obtained from seeds of sativa and indica plants, so it is impossible to have 100% sativa or 100% indica products. This is called a "dominant strain" even though the sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects are less pronounced in CBD cannabis (without THC) than in the original cannabis (with THC). Due to its genetic origin, Hindu Kush CBD is inevitably highly dominant indica.

    The levels of its active substances

    If the Hindu Kush is considered the best strain of cannabis to make hashish (Charas and Afhgan) it is not for nothing. Despite an average THC content (20%), this large indica has effects known to be frighteningly relaxing. Native to the Hindu Kush mountain range, the genetics of this plant have done things right: a plant naturally produces a thick layer of trichomes to protect its inflorescences from cold and wind, resulting in a large amount of easily extractable resin (hence its propensity to make hash). This characteristic thus facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients produced by the trichomes, by the body, which results in rapid and very powerful relaxing effects. To be legal in France, the buds of Hindu Kush CBD greenhouse found on the market have an almost zero concentration of THC (< 0.2%) on the other hand, they are endowed with a significant natural content of CBD and have the same propensity to produce easily extractable resin.

    Their effects are intense, relaxing, deep and long-lasting without making them lethargic. For its many virtues, Hindu Kush CBD represents a solid ally to fight against stress, relieve muscle pain and facilitate falling asleep.

    Flavours and aromas

    The thick layer of trichomes that covers the flowers of Hindu Kush produces a high concentration of various terpenes (odorous substances) that confer the olfactory and gustatory originality of this plant. Indeed, the subtle mixture of limonenes (citrus fruits), myrcenes (earthy note) and carophyllenes (spices), to name but a few, give this herb a strong and persistent taste and a very particular fruity and spicy smell that is close to that of sandalwood to which are added notes of lemon. The signature fragrance that results from this mix is totally mesmerizing, slightly pungent but rounded in the mouth, it is unique in its kind and recognizable from the first fragrances released.

    Our Flowers of Hindu Kush CBD greenhouse

    Our Hindu Kush CBD greenhouse flowers from feminized seeds are particularly characteristic of indica hemp: large dark green buds, very dense and monstrously sticky. The thick layer of resin guarantees the organoleptic properties expected for this variety and deep relaxing body effects.

    If this variety of Hindu Kush is naturally rich in CBD, our flowers are slightly boosted and reach a rather nice CBD content (20.5%) in order to exacerbate their original organoleptic characteristics (taste and smell).

    Consumption mode

    If opinions differ on one type of preferential consumption rather than another, our flowers can be consumed according to the taste and desire of each:

    • vaporization: the optimal extraction of CBD is done at 180 ° C and that of terpenes begins at 155 ° C, in order to make the most of the organoleptic qualities and the effects of our flowers, opt for a heating temperature of around 170 ° C.

    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble in a liquid, the addition of a cloud of milk (fat) may be relevant.

    • cuisine: space-cake, Marrakech butter, in sauce, ...

    • potpourri: even if a Hindu Kush greenhouse flower is extremely fragrant, admit that it would still be a shame for such a product to end up in a bowl on a dresser (but this is only an opinion)!

    The little extras of our shop...

    We are particularly interested in our customers too, our Hindu Kush CBD greenhouse cannabis flowers are sold in opaque and airtight pouches in order to best preserve their fragrance and their properties related to the presence of cannabidiol.

    In addition to an attractive quality / price ratio, our online shop, Bistrot CBD, offers a discreet and fast delivery service throughout France.

    Do not hesitate to consult our promotions of the moment, to ask for any additional information and to leave a comment on your sensory experience with our shop.

    Technical sheet of our Flowers of Hindu Kush CBD greenhouse

    • CBD rate: 20.5%

    • THC content: less than 0.2%

    • Aromas: sandalwood and lemon

    • Color: Dark green

    • Effect: deeply relaxing

    • Type: indica

    • Culture: greenhouse

    • Genetic origin: hybrid

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