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    CBD rate: 70%
    THC content: less than 0.2%
    Aromas: sweet and vegetable
    Color: green gold
    Effect: powerful relaxant, brain stimulant
    Type: indica
    Culture: greenhouse
    Genetic origin: hybrid
    Premium CBD hemp flower grown in Switzerland
    Flowers carefully manicured by hand
    Laboratory tested for purity and conformity

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    Today, in France, faced with the dazzling success that CBD (cannabidiol) is experiencing, the types of products are only diversifying. 

    If some products mimic illegal cannabis (flowers, hashish, oil) rich in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), others are more original (CBD balm, bubble gum, liquid for electronic cigarette, etc ...) to effectively respond to the heterogeneity of CBD consumers eager for its relaxing effects.

    If cannabis flowers, pollen (hash or cannabis resin) and oil are rather popular terms differentiating the forms for consuming hemp with or without THC, a new type of product, and not least, has recently appeared on the CBD market to the delight of cannabinophiles: the Moonrock.

    The "Moon rock" (lunar stone) appeared in the United States around 2014. It is considered the most powerful cannabis product in the world(icerock) by its composition:

    • greenhouse quality cannabis flower
    • the head is soaked in full spectrum cannabis oil
    • the whole is rolled in pollen or dry hashish, like a breadcrumb.

    This form of cannabis, first very popular in the hip hop world, was popularized in 2015, when the American rapper Kurupt set up his own version: Kurupt's Moonrock. The flower of this variety comes from a Girl Scout Cookies plant, soaked in oil and sprinkled with "Sicdust". 

    Moonrock takes its name from its moonstone-like appearance. Faced with such a commercial success, the CBD market now offers its own Moonrock in legal version. 

    How Moonrock flowers are grown 

    The flower used in the making of Moonrock comes from a greenhouse culture. This means that the plant grows in open ground but with controlled environmental factors. This mode of agriculture is particularly interesting since the hemp plant can grow without restriction of space (unlike the indoor type, indoors. It can thus take advantage of the natural richness of the soils and have optimal growth and flowering since the external variables (hygrometry, temperature, wind, ...) do not slow them down. The yield (gram per square meter flownout) and properties (taste, smell and effects) of the marijuana variety is therefore rather stable. 
    The green house culture is indeed the perfect balance between indoor (indoor) and outdoor (outdoor) cultures. The seasonality of the photoperiodic plant will have to be respected but this factor can, thanks to the greenhouse effect, be relaxed.


    CBD cannabis hybrids are crosses of sativa x indica strains. These crosses tend to tilt the new variety on one side (indica) or another (sativa), whether by its morphology or its organoleptic and sensory qualities. As it is impossible to have legal hemp 100% sativa or 100% indica, we speak of "dominant variety". If the sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects produced are less pronounced in CBD hemp than in conventional cannabis (with THC), they are still very relevant.

    In the case of a product such as Moonrock, the dominant is mainly Indica. 

    The levels of its active substances 

    In France, to be able to market a hemp product, the THC level must not exceed 0.2%. Moonrock CBD, due to its composition (flower, fullspectrum oil and pollen) is a product that reaches dizzying concentrations of CBD (70%). As this molecule is not listed among the narcotics, the moon rock CBD does not deprive itself of it. It can be sold legally and that's a good thing! This extraordinary CBD level allows its consumer to quickly achieve the known benefits related to CBD: a deep and lasting relaxation accompanied by a very appreciable cognitive stimulation and this, by consuming very little of the product. Notice to thrill seekers!!!

    From a therapeutic point of view, the power of Moonrock CBD makes it easier to fall asleep, relieve muscle pain and lower stress levels.

    Flavours and aromas 

    The organoleptic profile (smell and taste) of Moonrock CBD is almost indescribable as this product is so good. This concentrate of flavors results from the different forms in which cannabis is represented (flowers, oil and resin) and in particular:

    • the soaked flower that gives this naturally vegetal and fruity taste
    • pollen or resin that reinforces these flavors, adding sweet and slightly pungent notes that remain in the mouth for a long time.

    You have to taste the Moonrock to make your own opinion but be careful, once tested, this product may become your favorite! 

    Our Moonrock CBD  

    The Moonrock CBD offered by our online shop, Bistrot CBD, consists of dense and sticky premium CBD flowers, fullspectrum oil and Swiss pollen (hash). As we are particularly vigilant about the quality of our products, we are particularly interested in the care taken when growing the plants, manicure the flowers and refining the product for the different varieties of hemp that will make up our Moonrocks CBD. 

    Our Moonrock CBD reaches CBD levels of around 70% in order to combine power and aromas and thus, offer in our shop, the best of cannabis concentrate!

    All our CBD rocks are marketed and controlled with a certificate of laboratory analysis (THC <0.2%), in accordance with the European legislation in force in 2021. 

    Consumption mode 

    If opinions differ on one preferred mode of consumption rather than another, our legal Moon Rock CBD can be absorbed according to the taste and needs of each:

    • vaporization: the optimal extraction of CBD is done at 180 ° C and that of terpenes begins at 155 ° C, in order to make the most of the aromas and properties of Moonrock CBD, opt for a heating temperature of around 170 ° C.
    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble, the addition of a cloud of milk (fat) may be relevant. According to some opinions, the oil that constitutes rocks would be sufficient for the solubility of CBD in water.
    • cuisine: space-cake, Marrakech butter, in sauce, ...

    The little extras of our shop... 

    We have a particular interest in satisfying a customer too, all our CBD cannabis products (excluding oil) are sold in opaque and airtight pouches in order to best preserve their original taste, their singular fragrance and their properties related to the presence of cannabidiol (CBD).

    In addition to an interesting quality/price ratio per gram, we offer a fast and discreet delivery service throughout France. 

    Our stock of legal cannabis offers a wide choice of products such as fullspectrum oils and flowers among the best varieties of plants on the market: Amnesia Haze, Strawberry Haze, Lemon Haze, Banana Kush, Candy Kush, Green Dragon, etc... But, also, Icerock, Blue, Green and Pink color rocks, different types of Hash and Bubble Crunch Smarties. 

    Do not hesitate to look at our CBD products, visit our blog, ask us your questions for any additional information (price, delivery, promo code etc ...) and leave a review on a product after your purchase! 


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