Sour Diesel CBD Outdoor 18.3% Bistrot CBD - 1
  • Sour Diesel CBD Outdoor 18.3% Bistrot CBD - 1
Sour Diesel CBD Outdoor 18.3% Bistrot CBD - 1

Sour Diesel CBD Outdoor 18.3%

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    Dominant Sativa Eplayfulness, Relaxing
    18.3% total CBD
    Premium CBD hemp flower grown in Switzerland
    Flowers carefully manicured by hand
    Culture Outdoor
    Laboratory tested for purity and compliance
    < 0.2% THC: Complies with European Decree No. 639-2014 and European Regulation No. 1307/2013
    Aromas of diesel, lemon
    Genetic Origin: Hybrid
    High-end, outdoor culture

    (5/5) out of 26 total ratings
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    Like a good number of cannabis strains found on the market, Sour Diesel is the result of many crosses scrupulously selected from the families of cannabis kush, haze, skunk, diesel, etc. in order to bring a unique coquetry to a great classic: In the case of Sour Diesel cannabis, it is its authentic and powerful taste that has set it apart from others. Barely put on the market this variety of hemp has become a real star with consumers (flowers, leaves and oil) but also with growers (seeds, seeds).

    The Origins of the Sour Diesel CBD outdoor

    The Sour Diesel appeared in the United States in the 90s. The genetic heritage of this Californian herb is still debated today but, the most likely hypothesis describes it as the product of crosses between an Original Diesel type plant with a Northern Light, a Shiva and a Hawaiian. As soon as it was put on the market, this beautiful American quickly spread throughout the world for its organoleptic uniqueness (taste and smell) that instantly found its amateurs (not to say, its fans). Its intense flavor so specific has earned it to be declined in legal version for Europe so that everyone can enjoy it, we can say with certainty that it was a good idea! Indeed, this new hemp hybrid, the Sour Diesel CBD, quickly seduced consumers of CBD products (cannabidiol) eager for new tastes, always stronger and authentic. 


    Method of cultivation

    As the name suggests, Sour Diesel CBD Outdoor is grown outdoors, from feminized seeds (seeds) and in open ground. 
    This type of agriculture strongly influences the yield because the plant can optimize its development, without any restriction of space (unlike indoor cultivation, indoors) and thanks to the natural richness of the soils. This variety of cannabis is photoperiodic (as opposed to plants from autoflowering seeds), its seasonality must then be rigorously respected (from the feminized seed to germinate until the harvest of the flowers) if we want to obtain a good quality yield. The result is a naturally softer plant than those from indoor cultivation, where everything is millimetered so that the production of active ingredients of cannabis is boosted. 

    The Cannabis strain Sour Diesel CBD grown outdoors is of good size (height of 150-200cm), has a fairly long flowering time (10-11 weeks) and produces a bountiful harvest (550-600 g/plant) for a plant of this size. 



    CBD cannabis strains (cannabidiol) are hybrids obtained from hemp seeds of sativa and indica types, so it is impossible to have 100% sativa or 100% indica products. This is called a "dominant strain" even though the sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects are less pronounced in CBD cannabis than in the original cannabis. 
    The Sour Diesel CBD is rather well balanced with a dominant Sativa. 

    The levels of its active substances

    Morphologically, the flowers of Sour Diesel are rather indica type: very dense buds in sticky resin and dark green color sometimes pulling (in case of the end of the cool season) on purple (reminiscent of Kush varieties, such as Purple Queen). Physiologically on the other hand, this variety of hemp is well in the mix sativa / indica: the sativa side brings a powerful cerebral high but is not left out on its ability to relax the body like an indica worthy of the name! 

    If the version of Sour Diesel classic has an honorable rate of THC (average of 19%), its hybrid, Sour Diesel CBD, was created to respond positively to the European legislation concerning cannabis. With its THC content of less than 0.2%, this product is therefore legal in France. The natural CBD concentration of legal Sour Diesel is around 5% and translates into an ability to fight stress, reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, reduce chronic fatigue and relieve muscle pain. Its virtues both stimulating and relaxing, have earned it a star place among the so-called "therapeutic" herbs.

    Flavours and aromas

    The Sour Diesel (literal translation: acid diesel) lives up to its name very well. Its citrus aroma and in particular, the acidity of lemon, is striking from the first moments and enhances the powerful and lasting taste in the mouth of diesel (gasoline). Consumer opinions are salient about this harsh, strong and persistent aromatic profile: if some find it complex, bordering on stubbornness, others are definitely addicted. A star, necessarily it divides, but the CBD variety of sour Diesel is to be tested at all costs !!

    Our Sour Diesel CBD flowers

    Our sour Diesel CBD buds, dense and a beautiful green pulling on the purple (purple queen genre) are made from feminized seeds (seeds) to guarantee a high-end quality to each flower. The power of their signature diesel scent, to which are added earthy and lemony notes at the same time, sublimates the exceptional quality of the effects (playfulness and relaxation) that this  variety of cannabis provides. 

    If sour diesel CBD is naturally rich in cannabidiol, our flowers are slightly boosted  to offer a CBD concentration of up to 18.3% and thus exacerbate the original soothing effects of this hemp. Their THC content complies with French legislation (<0.2%).

    Consumption mode 

    If opinions differ on one type of preferential ingestion rather than another, our products (flowers or oil) can be consumed according to the taste and desire of each, for information: 

    • vaporization: the optimal extraction of CBD (sensory effect) is done at 180 ° C and those of terpenes (flavor, smell) begin at 155 ° C. In order to make the most of the organoleptic qualities and the effects of our flowers, opt for a heating temperature of around 170°C. 

    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble in a liquid, the addition of a cloud of milk (fat) may be relevant (1 gram of flower for 0.5L of liquid is more than enough). 

    • cuisine: space-cake, Marrakech butter, in sauce, ...  

    • potpourri: even if the powerful fragrance of the Sour Diesel is mesmerizing and addictive, admit that it would still be a shame for a star, to end up in a bowl on a dresser (but that's only an opinion)!

    The little extras of our shop...  

    The satisfaction of our customers being priceless, we are concerned about every detail concerning all our products: our sour diesel CBD outdoor cannabis flowers are sold in opaque and airtight pouches in order to best preserve their original fragrance and their properties related to the presence of cannabidiol. 

    In addition to an attractive quality / price ratio, we offer a discreet and fast delivery service throughout France. 

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information (stock available, special request, ...), to visit our blog (many info on cannabis in all its forms) and to leave a review on the product after your purchase!

    Technical sheet of our flowers of Sour Diesel CBD outdoor

    • CBD rate: 18.3% 

    • THC content: < 0.2% 

    • Flavourings: diesel, lemon 

    • Color: green pulling on purple 

    • Effect: playful, relaxing 

    • Type: sativa 

    • Culture: outdoor 

    • Genetic origin: hybrid

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