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    CBD rate: 13%
    THC content: less than 0.2%
    Aromas: fruity with a note of caramel
    Color: caramel
    Effect: relaxing (body and mind)
    Type: indica
    Genetic origin: hybrid
    Laboratory tested for purity and compliance

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    Hashish (or cannabis resin) is a product made from the trichomes (very often misd named "pollen") of a hemp flower (big bud). This resin is pressed to form a more or less dense and sticky paste, of variable color depending on the varieties of weed and the extraction method used. This extraction is done using solvents that separate the resin from the rest of the plant material or, manually, by directly rubbing the flowers and leaves of the hemp foot with your hands. 

    The Hash Caramelo sometimes called pollen or Moroccan hash, has a rather malleable texture, a well-cooked caramel color, a moderate level of active substances and very recognizable organoleptic qualities. Today, with the explosion of the CBD market, it is widely found on the shelves of physical shops and online shops selling CBD products: hash Caramelo (or caramello) CBD

    The Origins of Hash Caramelo CBD 

    Hash Caramelo is a form among the resins native to Morocco. This country has been conducive to the cultivation, production, sale and consumption of hash for centuries. This resin results from one of the 3 successive hydraulic presses that a hemp plant undergoes for its transformation into a finished product. The first press gives an extremely pure premium product, very popular that is called: "the olive". The second gives a hashish pulling more towards the brown. It is the most marketed form of hash by "drug trafficking wholesalers". The third press, gives a less strong product because less concentrated in active substances. Its price (set per gram) is proportional to its quality, therefore less expensive.

    Just like CBD cannabis flowers, the success of this Moroccan hash as a whole hash has earned it to be declined in legal version. It is therefore found today in many countries, and especially in Spain, under the name: Hash Caramelo CBD

    Dominant Hash Caramelo CBD 

    All CBD cannabis strains (cannabidiol) are obtained from sativa and indica plants. It is therefore impossible to have a 100% sativa or 100% indica CBD product. This is called a "dominant variety". The sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects are less pronounced in CBD cannabis than in conventional cannabis (with THC) but are very relevant. Moroccan hashish is produced mainly from indica-dominant hemp varieties.

    In the case of a cannabis resin like Hash Carramelo CBD that imitates Moroccan, the dominant plant used in its manufacture is therefore of the indica type.  

    Levels of active substances 

    Hash Caramelo is a good quality resin, with a sufficiently moderate amount of THC to be consumed by all. It causes relaxing effects to the body and mind.

    In the case of Hash Caramello CBD, its THC content is almost zero (< 0.2%). Thus, it respects the European legislation in force of countries open to CBD. Its concentration of cannabidiol (CBD = 13%) offers its consumer a moment of relaxation and serenity.

    From a therapeutic point of view, Hash Caramelo CBD allows muscle relaxation that relieves chronic pain and promotes falling asleep. 

    Flavours and aromas 

    The Hash Caramelo CBD has an overall fruity taste with a note of caramel well greedy, slightly spicy and durable in the mouth. Its haunting smell is reminiscent of shisha bars. Its scent of caramelized fruits is a real invitation to spiritual journey. As only your opinion counts, test this product and let yourself be lulled by its softness and smoothness.

    Our Hash Caramelo CBD 

    Our Hash Caramelo CBD is made on a farm with a responsible culture. It is pressed from big bud (flower) full of resinous and fragrant trichomes. This large amount of pollen explains the organoleptic quality (taste and smell) and the potential for action of this hash.

    This resin with a moderate CBD content of 13% has a rather soft, moldable and sticky texture reminiscent of carambars. Its color evokes that of slightly crammed caramel. Our hemp resin induces relaxing effects and has aromas mixing softness andpower! 

    Consumption patterns 

    If opinions differ on one preferred absorption choice over another, our cannabis resin can be consumed according to everyone's tastes and desires. The information to know:

    • vape: the optimal extraction of CBD is done at 180 ° C and that of terpenes begins at 155 ° C, in order to make the most of the organoleptic qualities and effects of our CBD products (flower, pollen, Moonrock, ...), opt for a heating temperature of around 170 ° C.
    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble, the addition of a cloud of milk (fat) may be relevant to optimize the absorption of CBD.
    • kitchen: space-cake, in sauce, ...

    The texture of Caramelo resin is rather dense, so it is advisable to subject it to a heat source before crumbling. To your lighters !! 

    The little extras of our shop... 

    We have a particular interest in satisfying our customers too, our different CBD products (excluding oil) are sold in opaque and airtight pouches in order to maintain their premium quality.

    In addition to an interesting quality / price ratio per gram, we offer a discreet and fast delivery service throughout the country. 

    We also offer an impressive stock of CBD products such as Haze, Kush, Skunk and other original varieties of marijuana (Green Dragon, ...) of varying qualities (indoor, outdoor or green house), Moonrock CBD, CBD Ice Rocks, CBD cannabis oil fullspectrum, differentCBD resins (hash black, hash brown...) and CBD gummies (Bubble Crunch Smarties). 

    Do not hesitate to visit our online store, Bistrot CBD, to read the opinions of Internet users and the information provided by our blog (product description, ..), to discover the promo of the moment, to ask your questions for any additional information (delivery, price, promo code, stock ..) and to leave a review after your purchase! 


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