New York Diesel CBD Greenhouse 20.8% Bistrot CBD - 1
  • New York Diesel CBD Greenhouse 20.8% Bistrot CBD - 1
New York Diesel CBD Greenhouse 20.8% Bistrot CBD - 1

New York Diesel CBD Greenhouse 20.8%

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    Dominant Indica S timulant, Relaxing
    20.8% total CBD
    Premium CBD hemp flower grown in Switzerland
    Flowers carefully manicured by hand
    Culture Greenhouse
    Laboratory tested for purity and compliance
    < 0.2% THC: Complies with European Decree No. 639-2014 and European Regulation No. 1307/2013
    Aromas of lemon, diesel
    Genetic Origin: Hybrid
    High-end, greenhouse cultivation

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    If some cannabis strains such as Kush, Haze or Skunk are almost no longer to be presented as their celebrities are ahead of them, this is increasingly also the case of diesel-type herbs. It is clear that the organoleptic properties of diesel hemp are so special that they give this type of cannabis, a signature fragrance recognizable among all the others. This uniqueness is particularly responsible for the craze for the New York (NYC) Diesel CBD, around the world.

    The Origins of the New York Diesel CBD

    The New York Diesel (NYC) was created in New York (hence its name) from a bag of seeds of a more or less unknown hybrid, which Soma, the breeder (breeder and Rasta cultivator of cannabis seeds) of the company that bears his name, Soma seeds, would have acquired through a friend and then, that he would have crossed with other varieties such as Afghani and Hawaiian to give birth to this new hybrid. If the exact genetics of this plant is not certain due to a lack of information on the seeds contained in the bag given to Soma (producer of the company Soma Seeds), its very particular organoleptic properties suggest with almost certainty that it is the product of crosses between diesel hemp, Lemon and Kush. Arrived on the market in the 2000s, it immediately knew how to make a place of star among the greatest. In 2001, 2003 and 2044, she won the 2nd prize of the High Time Cannabis Cup (annual festival rewarding the best cannabis strains in Amsterdam) in the "best sativa" category.

    With its many awards and its immediate success with hemp consumers, the NYC Diesel has been declined in legal version in Switzerland and then, throughout Europe, in order to be offered to cbd cannabis enthusiasts (cannabidiol).

    Method of cultivation

    As the name suggests, the NYC Diesel CBD greenhouse is grown in greenhouses, that is, in open ground but with more or less controlled environmental parameters and, generally, from feminized seeds (seeds) (there are very few auto seeds of CBD cannabis and a regular seed could give a male plant).

    This method of cultivation is very relevant for such a variety: the NYC has a very important growth (grow), especially during the flowering period. Sometimes up to 3m in height, according to the testimonies of the company Soma Seeds, an indoor cultivation (indoor) is therefore not recommended for this plant. In addition, it is particularly sensitive to the climate (temperate) and requires a lot of care to achieve optimal performance, so outdoor cultivation is not recommended either. The greenhouse mode therefore appears to be the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors, since it allows a NYC Diesel plant to grow without space restrictions while being protected from temperature variations and pests. If the seasonality of the plant (from the feminized seed to the harvest) will still have to be respected in greenhouse culture (unlike the indoor mode), thanks to the greenhouse effect, this parameter is still more flexible.

    A NYC Diesel CBD greenhouse cannabis plant has a fast growth rate (grow), a large size (average height of 150cm up to 300cm), a fairly long flowering time (about 11 weeks) and a rather generous harvest (550g / plant).


    CBD cannabis hybrids (cannabidiol) are obtained from seeds of sativa and indica plants, so it is impossible to have a 100% sativa or 100% indica product. This is called a "dominant strain" even though the sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects are less pronounced in CBD cannabis (without THC) than in the original cannabis (with THC). If the original New York Diesel is very balanced with a tendency to lean more towards sativa, the new crosses that this variety has undergone to obtain the NYC Diesel CBD hybrid give an indica dominance to this legal star version.

    The levels of its active substances

    With its high THC content (around 25%), the original NYC Diesel produces both cerebral and bodily sensations thanks to its subtle sativa/indica balance. However, its slight sativa dominance prevails a particularly interesting place in the artistic and societal world thanks to the productivity it exacerbates. This creativity is even more pronounced thanks to the naturally high concentration of pinenes (terpenes known to positively influence memory, energy and concentration) contained in the inflorescences. To be legal in France, NYC Diesel CBD flowers found on the market have an almost zero concentration of THC (< 0.2%) but have a naturally high level of CBD and myrcene (the most common terpene of hemp with slightly sedative, calming and anti-inflammatory properties). Myrcene is also known to enhance the psychoactive action of THC, therefore, despite an almost zero content of this molecule in NYC Diesel CBD, it is however enough to feel a real "high" when consumed, even if the latter will obviously be less powerful than with conventional hemp (with THC). The action as high and stimulating of the NYC Diesel CBD will therefore be less pronounced than with the classic version but will still be very appreciated by recreational consumers, but not only...! Indeed, by browsing the web, many are the opinions of users of this variety highlighting its so-called "therapeutic" qualities: helps fight against chronic fatigue, stimulation of appetite, relief of muscle and joint pain, reduction of anxiety, etc ... In short, she appears as a real star of relaxation on all floors!

    Flavours and aromas

    It is in this area (olfactory and gustatory) that NYC Diesel cannabis takes on its full scope and stands out from all the others. If from the first puffs, vapes (cbd liquid), vaporizations (CBD oil or flower) or other absorption techniques, a slightly sweet lemony aroma is felt, sometimes reminiscent of mandarin or ripe grapefruit, earthy notes then come to mix with citrus fruits to leave behind pronounced flavors of diesel (gasoline), very tenacious. This bewitching, almost heady, acidulous and pungent fragrance aptly characterizes this variety of ganja. We love it or we hate it but one thing is certain, we do not remain indifferent to this aroma.

    Our New York Flowers Diesel CBD greenhouse

    Our flowers of NYC Diesel CBD greenhouse from feminized seeds (no auto seeds for this variety) are velvety in appearance: small dense and crumbly heads, pale green dotted with orange pistils.

    The New York Diesel CBD variety is naturally rich in cannabidiol but our flowers are slightly boosted so that our product has a really nice CBD content (20.8%) and this, to the delight of consumers.

    In order to make your own opinion on the organoleptic qualities (flavor, aroma) so atypical of this herb, it will inevitably be necessary to test it and normally, you will be completely conquered! However, if you want to find the elevating quality of its effects without its strong and tenacious taste, we recommend our Amnesia Haze, relaxing and stimulating at the same time but with a sweeter scent.

    Consumption mode

    If opinions differ on one type of preferential consumption over another, our flowers (just like our CBD oil) can be consumed according to the taste and desire of each:

    • vaporization: the optimal extraction of CBD is done at 180 ° C and that of terpenes begins at 155 ° C, in order to make the most of the organoleptic qualities and the potential of action of our flowers, opt for a heating temperature of around 170 ° C.

    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble in a liquid, the addition of a cloud of milk (fat) may be relevant.

    • cuisine: space-cake, Marrakech butter, in sauce, ...

    • potpourri: even if a NYC Diesel flower is extremely fragrant, admit that it would still be a shame for such a product to end up in a bowl on a dresser (but that's only an opinion)!

    The little extras of our shop...

    We are particularly interested in our customers too, our NYC Diesel CBD greenhouse cannabis flowers are sold in opaque and airtight pouches in order to best preserve their original fragrance and their properties related to the presence of cannabidiol.

    In addition to the attractive quality / price ratio of our products, our online shop, Bistrot CBD, offers a discreet and fast delivery service throughout France.

    Do not hesitate to consult our products of the moment, to ask for any additional information (on a flower or an oil) and to leave an opinion on your sensory experience with our shop.

    Technical sheet of our Flowers of New York Diesel CBD greenhouse

    • CBD rate: 20.8%

    • THC content: less than 0.2%

    • Aromas: lemon, diesel

    • Color: light green

    • Effect: stimulating, relaxing

    • Type: indica

    • Culture: greenhouse

    • Genetic origin: hybrid

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