Trim CBD Greenhouse 22.5% Bistrot CBD - 1
  • Trim CBD Greenhouse 22.5% Bistrot CBD - 1
Trim CBD Greenhouse 22.5% Bistrot CBD - 1

Trim CBD Greenhouse 22.5%

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    Mix of Sativa / Indica Profonde relaxation, Stimulating
    22.5% total CBD
    Premium CBD hemp flower grown in Switzerland
    Flowers carefully manicured by hand
    Culture Greenhouse
    Laboratory tested for purity and compliance
    < 0.2% THC: Complies with European Decree No. 639-2014 and European Regulation No. 1307/2013
    Variable aromas
    Genetic origin: different hybrids
    High-end, greenhouse cultivation

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    If you've never heard of the Trim hemp variety, don't worry, it's normal! Indeed, trim CBD is not a type of cannabis but a part of the plant in the same way as a flower, leaves, stem, .... These are actually the small pieces of buds left out during harvesting and the leaf residues obtained after the manicure of the premium buds. This cannabis product can be a mix of several varieties of hemp as well as be made from a single variety.

    The Origins of Trim CBD greenhouse

    Originally, Trim from THC cannabis was sold like normal weed by unscrupulous dealers who resold the "flower crumbs" at the end of the pouch, which they mixed together to increase their profit. Today, with the rise of CBD products, Trim has become a real alternative to flowers or hemp oil. Indeed, in order not to waste the parts of the plant set aside during the meticulous manicure of the premium buds, the breeders preferred to offer these resinous "residues" for sale, as a full-fledged CBD product rather than throwing them away. The value for money per gram of this CBD is unbeatable.

    Method of cultivation

    As its name suggests, trim CBD greenhouse comes from beuh plants grown in greenhouses, that is, in open ground but with more or less controlled environmental parameters.
    The way a plant is grown affects the quantity (yield) and quality of the flowers (concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in the buds). Greenhouse cultivation is the perfect balance between indoor (indoor) and outdoor (outdoor) cultivation since the space intended for growth is more important than indoor (indoor), the natural quality of the soil is richer than with the contribution of soil and the photoperiod, the climate and humidity are optimally parameterized. To obtain a good yield (several hundred grams per plant), the seasonality of a variety will still have to be respected in greenhouse culture unlike indoor cultivation.


    CBD cannabis hybrids (cannabidiol) are obtained from seeds of sativa and indica plants, so it is impossible to have 100% sativa or 100% indica products. This is called a "dominant strain" even though the sativa (cerebral high) and indica (body stone) effects are less pronounced in CBD cannabis (without THC) than in the original cannabis (with THC). The Trim being a mixture of residues of the resinous aerial parts of different hemp feet, we can not speak of dominance because each mixture will not necessarily have the same varieties at the same content, a Trim may have a dominant note of Skunk, while another will have rather fragrances typical of a Kush.

    The levels of its active substances

    To be legal in France, the mix of leaf and flower residues of trim CBD greenhouse offered on the European market has an almost zero concentration of THC (< 0.2%) but, on the other hand, is endowed with a significant natural CBD content. Coming from a different mix of cannabis, the relaxing and deep effects typical of indica plants blend with the motivating brain effects of sativa. This CBD product is therefore very popular for relieving chronic pain, depression and insomnia, thanks to the many benefits that give it its different cannabis origins.

    Flavours and aromas

    As each TRIM CBD contains different blends of hemp flowers, it is impossible to define flavors specific to this product. However, the Haze (Strawberry, Amnesia, ..), Kush (Candy, Hindu ..), Diesel (Sour, New York, ..) and Skunk (Hawaiian, ..) families known for their extraordinary organoleptic properties, slightly take over and give this mixture, a mesmerizing smell of hash (hashish, shit) to the product, from the first emanations.

    Our mix of Trim CBD greenhouse

    Among the different options existing in the choice of the herb used for the manufacture of trim CBD, in order to best satisfy each customer, we have opted for a floral arrangement of premium quality. Indeed, each of the varieties found in a pouch is harvested from a star product. Expect to find flowers such as: Amnesia Haze, Lemon Haze, Strawberry Haze, Banana Kush, Candy Kush, Hindu Kush, New York Diesel, Sour Diesel orWhite Widow, herbs known for their large production in trichomes.

    If the hemp varieties that make up the mix are naturally rich in CBD, our TRIM CBD is slightly boosted to reach a regular CBD level (22.5%) very high, in order to optimize even more the intense relaxation felt and be in line with the taste of hash that leaves in the mouth this mixture of aromas.

    With its gargantuan concentration and guaranteed CBD of 22.5%, its manufacture from our best cannabis strains, its unique flavors and its very nice quality / price ratio, our Trim CBD is a real star product of our shop and an excellent alternative to weed and oil that will delight small budgets not wishing to leave quality in the cloakroom!

    Consumption mode

    Opinions differ on the preferred way to consume a CBD product, but depending on the taste of each, several options are possible:

    • vaporization: the optimal extraction of CBD is done at 180 ° C and that of terpenes begins at 155 ° C, in order to make the most of the organoleptic qualities and the effects of our Trim CBD, opt for a heating temperature of around 170 ° C.

    • infusion, herbal tea: CBD being fat-soluble in a liquid, the addition of a milk cloud or a vegetable oil (fat) may be relevant.

    • cuisine: space-cake, Marrakech butter, in sauce, ...

    • potpourri: even if the Trim CBD greenhouse smells very good, admit that it would still be a shame if your stock ended up in a bowl on a dresser (but that's only an opinion)!

    The little extras of our shop...

    We are also particularly interested in the customer, our Trim CBD greenhouse is sold in opaque and airtight pouches in order to best preserve the organoleptic qualities and properties related to the presence of cannabidiol of each flower.

    In addition to the very interesting quality / price ratio (per gram) of this product, our online shop, Bistrot CBD, offers a discreet and fast delivery service throughout France.

    Do not hesitate to consult our blog, to ask your questions for any additional information (price, stock, choices available ...) and to leave a review on the products after your purchase!

    Technical sheet of our Trim CBD greenhouse flowers

    • CBD rate: 22.5%

    • THC content: less than 0.2%

    • Aromas: variables

    • Color: shade of greens

    • Effect: deep relaxation, stimulating

    • Type: sativa / indica mix

    • Culture: greenhouse

    • Genetic origin: different hybrids

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