Effects of CBD: Can you get a bad trip from CBD?

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Peut-on faire un bad trip avec du CBD


effects of CBD on the brain and body

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably heard of CBD. This non-psychotropic derivative of cannabis or hemp plant is increasingly used for its many benefits in France and around the world.

The positive effects of CBD range from relieving anxiety and stress to facilitating sleep and relieving many types of pain. You will have understood, CBD has anxiolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to counter a large number of ailments. But the question that is increasingly being asked is whether CBD can cause a bad trip?

After reading this article: you will know what exactly is a bad trip? What is CBD? Can we really have a bac trip with CBD? If so, how can it be avoided?




What is a bad trip?

Can you have a bad trip with light cannabis aka CBD

A bad trip is a disturbing life experience that occasionally occurs as a result of taking psychedelic drugs such as LSD and cannabis. So if we stick to the original definition, the bad trip with CBD refers to a bunch of both physical and emotional discomforts resulting from CBD consumption.

A bad trip may involve physical danger, intense negative emotions such as irrational fears and anxiety, or hallucinations that cause extreme fear and panic. Bad trips are often associated with high doses of hallucinogens, but they can also occur at lower doses, especially in people who are predisposed to them.

Bad trips are particularly common within 90 minutes of ingestion or inhalation. However, they can also occur without warning at any point in the experience. Symptoms of a bad trip may include frightening hallucinations (visual or auditory), confusion, increased heart rate, paranoia, panic attacks, self-destructive behavior, delusions, nausea, vomiting, intense dysphoria, hopelessness and/or suicidal thoughts.

Nevertheless, if we talk about CBD, the definition of the term bad trip is confronted with a stumbling block. How do you do it? Patience, we’ll get there. But first, let’s move on to the definition of cannabidiol (CBD).

What is CBD?

What is the difference between CBD and THC

CBD is a non-psychotropic molecule present in the hemp plant. Indeed, the cannabis plant contains a hundred active compounds called cannabinoids which include CBD, CBG, THC … However, unlike THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects. Thus, this safe compound does not cause euphoria, hallucinations or a high like THC, which is found on the parallel market and is considered an illegal drug.

As a result, millions of people are taking CBD as a safe alternative to cannabis, as it is claimed to have all the same healing properties, but without any of the psychotropic effects. Many people also use it as an alternative medicine in the treatment of many diseases, because of its effects on health.

In France, as required by law, CBD products (flowers, resin, oil, e-liquid …) must necessarily have a THC level below 0.2%. We are there in a quasi-inexistence of THC in the legal CBD products. Now that you know a little more about CBD, let’s get back to our main topic: the bad trip!

Can you really have a bad trip with CBD?

Peut-on faire un bad trip avec du CBD

Let’s first remember the definition of the word bad trip, which stated psychedelic substances. As CBD does not belong to this category of substance, it is worth noting that talking about a bad trip when it comes to CBD, “light cannabis” is probably an abuse of language.

Although CBD is a non-psychotropic molecule still subject to ongoing scientific studies, it is not expected to have serious side effects. Indeed, the first studies on CBD establish unanimously that CBD does not cause euphoria, nor intoxication, nor dependence… when it is well used and especially when the CBD product rigorously conforms to a level of THC null or lower than 0.2%.

How CBD works after you take it

But how does CBD affect our bodies? What are the effects of CBD and how does it work on our body? What happens when we take CBD?

In order to understand how CBD acts on the body, it is first imperative to understand what is
the endocannabinoid system
. This system is a complex network of receptors located in almost every part of the human body. These receptors help regulate functions such as metabolism, energy, sleep and pain.

CBD works by interacting with this system. It does not act directly on these receptors, but rather stimulates them to produce more of the body’s own cannabinoids. This can have a number of benefits for us, including relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety. And therein lies the difference between THC and CBD.

Unlike CBD, THC binds directly to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and activates them. This affects a person’s memory, pleasure, movement, thinking, concentration, coordination, and sensory and temporal perception, because they have been disturbed in their normal functioning.

Bad trip with CBD: are there any cases?

Is there even a remote chance of having a bad trip when taking CBD? To this question, we simply answer that at our level, none of our customers have reported any discomfort after using our CBD products.

Nevertheless, for the sake of transparency, we put all our means to know everything you need to know about CBD. And this also involves studying

the potential side effects of CBD

through all channels. And what better way to find out than to browse through the “REAL” reviews on the net left by several consumers of this hemp derivative.

Because let’s face it, as an online CBD store, CBD shop, coffee shop, CBD store, we all talk about the benefits of CBD because it simply sells. And the fact that there are no serious side effects related to CBD identified by studies to date makes things easier.

An exception?

However, what was our surprise when we listed the potential side effects of CBD to discover a certain young person talking about a bad trip. His testimony can be found on “drogues info service”.

On the site, the young man says he had a bad trip after consuming unknowingly a CBD e-liquid. We have made some changes in the spelling for better readability. Here is his testimony:

“I had a bad trip, someone around me offered to shoot his electronic cigarette without necessarily knowing that it was CBD, “said the young man before adding that after 30 seconds the effects began to become more and more intense.

“When I turned around I saw everything in vision stretched horizontally, I walked not straight everything turned and started again like a loop I felt more pain results (…). I was taken to the hospital, where the effects faded away after 30min of bad”.

But the most surprising thing is that he mentioned that for 3 weeks after this unfortunate incident, he started to feel the same effects again.

“For the last two days I have not been going to class when I walk around my house. Just walking around my house causes me to hallucinate as if it was not me who was moving forward, but the walls that are approaching me. I am afraid to leave my house or even to walk. I saw on the Internet that these hallucinations could last for the rest of my life,” he said.

Effects of CBD and bad trip: our opinion

It is important to know that the effects of any substance (including CBD) vary from person to person. But now we’re wondering if CBD is really the cause of such ailments. Or even if it was really quality CBD? If so, what was the THC level and what was the CBD concentration, the hit of the e-liquid in question?

And by the way, the drug information service told him that even without taking CBD, he would have felt the same effects. “In some cases, it happens to feel these same effects even without using. In this case, it is no longer the product that acts, but it is the anxiety and fears, the associated fragilities that continue to manifest themselves in different ways. And this is probably what happens to you”, replied the site.

How to avoid having a bad trip with CBD?

How to dose your CBD ? How many drops of CBD oil to sleep

If you’re new to CBD, it’s important to know that you don’t have to have a bad experience to enjoy the Benefits of CBD. CBD has several beneficial properties that are meant to help you live a healthy life.

To waste the opportunity to have a zen life by having a bad trip from the start would be quite regrettable. Because, as far as we can see, the lack of information related to the use of CBD products, be it CBD oil, flowers, CBD e-liquids… can cause quite avoidable inconveniences.

Be aware that each CBD product has a mandatory predefined THC level. Each CBD product also has a specific CBD concentration and an optimal way of consumption. Nevertheless, no matter which method of consumption you opt for, the key word when it comes to taking CBD oil, vaping the flowers, is caution.

Here are some tips to avoid a bad trip with CBD:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the CBD product you want to buy;
  • Check if the product is without THC or with a THC rate lower than 0.2% according to the law: let us note that at this level, France 3 reported that a store of CBD had in its possession products with a high THC during a search of the police. So again, caution is advised when purchasing a quality CBD product;
  • Take small doses at first and increase gradually.

Just to get your body used to CBD, you can also take CBD candy. With their exquisite taste, CBD confections have above all the effects of cannabidiol and are therefore relaxing and promote sleep.


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